National Basketball League | OTC turned it around and beat Athens 68-59

In Derna, OTC became strong and beat Athens 68-59 in a game that had few goalscoring. Regarding the development of the match, in a large part of it, the missionary team was below the scoreboard.

In the first quarter, OTC fell just by a three-pointer as Athens prevailed 25-22. Likewise, the Cordoba team stretched the advantage and went to halftime in the game with a partial victory of 45-38. But, the joy was not going to last long as Celeste discounted four points in the third quarter and was only three points away from equalizing the score.

In this regard, in the last quarter it can be said that only one team played since OTC added 15 units while Athens barely 3. In this way, the team led by Fabio Demti was left with the duel after defeating 68 to 59.

Xavier Carreras, with a great game, contributed 18 points for OTC.

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Mitchell was the team’s figure with 25 points and 12 rebounds. He followed Carreras with 18 points and 11 rebounds. It should be noted that the team suffered two important casualties due to injury: Maldonado and Giorgetti.

Mitchell was the scorer of the match with 25 goals.

In the next match, Celeste will face La Unión de Formosa this Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. local time, where they will seek revenge after losing as a visitor to this team.



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