“My first sexual encounter? I must have been 5 years old! »

Despite their ultra-busy schedule for much of the year, many NBA players have an unbridled sex life. One of the biggest legends in the league even claims to have lost his virginity… when he was not even 5 years old!

With matches roughly every two days, including no less than 41 away each season, it is not easy to lead a traditional family life. As such, some NBA stars prefer to stay single, and take advantage of their many trips to browse right and left. Some of them even display an unbridled lifestyle long before landing on the professional circuit.

Wilt Chamberlain’s crazy confession about his defloration

Among the league’s best-known womanizers, Wilt Chamberlain is a pioneer in the field. The mythical pivot has never displayed the slightest taboo on his sexual exploits, he who has often prided himself on having slept with 20,000 women in his life. In an interview with Howard Stern conducted in 1997, he released a shocking revelation about the beginnings of his intimate relationships:

Howard Stern : At what age did you start?

Wilt Chamberlain : I must have been almost 5 years old. I was tall for my age, too! Did you ever find yourself in a locker room when you were in elementary school? Nah, in fact, we were on bunks in kindergarten. And they gave us rest times of 15 minutes. That’s when this stuff happened!

An incredible release, in the literal sense of the term, which Wilt nevertheless confirmed with vigor:

Being the tallest in the class, I represented something special. I don’t remember how tall I was, but enough to have a power of attraction different from the others. I was physically mature earlier than the rest of my classmates.

Sufficient testimony to convince his audience, stunned by discovering such precocity. If today it seems impossible to prove or deny it, this statement is not surprising coming from the Stilt. After all, the latter was just as comfortable on the pitch as in bed, and even found clever parades there to adapt to his XXL morphology:

I am not here to promote sexual promiscuity. But if you find yourself in stuff like this, you need to take great care. For example, I have been making my own condoms for a long time. I’m serious ! I’m even thinking about going into business and creating my own business specializing in this.

It’s hard to discern right from wrong in Wilt Chamberlain’s comments about his sex life, including this assertion about his very first reports. This contributes despite everything to the legend of the one who remains the best NBA scorer in a game!


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