Mbappe’s Expression Seeing Neymar’s Kick Makes Henry Grin!


In a warm-up session before the game, Neymar practice kicking a dead ball. Do the action Kylian Mbappe to issue an expression, which also made Thierry Henry grin.

That moment happened last weekend. At that time Paris Saint-Germain, reinforced by Neymar and Mbappe, had to settle for a 1-1 draw with Reims, who were their guests at the Parc des Princes.

In that match, Neymar made PSG take the lead in the 51st minute. But Reims then made the match end in a draw with a late goal.

Prior to the match, as usual, the players from both teams warmed up and practiced briefly. One of the menus is shooting alias shooting.

Well at this moment Neymar seems to practice shooting for the dead ball scenario. He took aim and then kicked the ball with his right foot.

The round skin then shot sharply into the top left corner of the goal, with the goalkeeper fixated in his position without being able to react anything in holding the ball.

It was at that moment that the Amazon Prime camera above the field also caught the expression Kylian Mbappe standing behind Neymar. Mbappe looked awe-inspiring!

Expressively, the French star clucked his appreciation for Neymar’s shot. There is also a nodding scene from Mbappe. Not only that, he even looked at Neymar from top to bottom, still full of admiration.

That scene was then highlighted by pundits who were commentators on this match in the French League. One of them is Thierry Henry.

The French legend seemed to smile broadly when he saw Mbappe’s expression after seeing the kick Neymar. The series of incidents, starting from Neymar’s shot which invited admiration Mbappe until Henry grinned, then went viral on social media.



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