Marcos Porrero and Pablo Fernández hang the gold at the Villares International

Marcos Porrero was proclaimed champion in 60 kilos.


The two judokas from León shone at the Salamanca event, achieving first place in their respective categories


The Leonese judokas from the Kyoto Club Marcos Porrero and Pablo Fernández won the gold medal this weekend at the Junior International in Villares de la Reina (Salamanca), which was attended by 47 clubs from Spain and Portugal.

The two athletes from León, trained by Sara Terán, showed a high level in the Salamanca competition.

The gold of Marcos Porrero

Marcos Porrero (60 kilos) was the best of the 21 participants in the category and managed to win gold after beating Óscar Sanz (Soria), Pablo Gayán (Madrid) and Juan Carlos Álvarez (Asturias).

In the qualifying rounds he beat Álvaro Gamba (Asturias), Diego Pérez (Asturias) and in the final Mario Alonso from Valladolid.

Pablo Fernández climbed to the first place on the podium.

Pablo Fernández, from less to more

For his part, Pablo Fernández (90 kilos), after his success in the Spanish Super Cup in Tortosa (Tarragona) last weekend, stepped on the podium again, this time in first place.

He beat the Asturians Mario San Martín and Joel Andreoletti, but fell to the Portuguese Joao Alves in the group stage. In qualifying rounds, he beat Asturian Marcos Fernández and, in the final, redeemed himself from his defeat against Joao Alves by beating him in the fight for gold.



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