Lotto of the Alliance Dojo 71 -Judo

Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 7:00 AM

A great success!

This Sunday, the room of the Bois du Verne was well stocked, certainly not complete, but full for the Judo lotto organized by the AD 71 Judo Club Montcellien.

Nearly 130 players were present all afternoon and answered present for this event, note that this Sunday the lottos flourished everywhere in Montceau and its surroundings, we counted at least 8 of them nearby.

Finally Judo was able to get out of the game with a lottery dedicated to Purchasing Powers which offered mostly vouchers in different establishments in the town, but also essential Rosette hams and other buckets garnished to the delight of attendees.

But before being able to welcome the players on D-Day, these events require a lot of work upstream. Bravo and congratulations to all the leaders, volunteers and the group of young volunteers of the club who invest more and more for the smooth running of these days. Thank everyone for that.


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