Lega Basket Serie A – Trieste basketball, the rebirth of Ruzzier: “I’m enjoying the moment, I’m recovering that confidence with the field that I lacked”

Michele Ruzzier, interviewed by Lorenzo Gatto on “Il Piccolo”, spoke of the excellent momentum of Pallacanestro Trieste, fresh from the Venice blitz: “I am enjoying the moment, I must say that Sunday’s victory at Taliercio and before that against Scafati and Treviso gave me an indescribable joy. I left Virtus to get back in the game and feel like a protagonist on the parquet again, being able to do it with the Trieste shirt and in the society in which I grew up is a privilege for me. It increases responsibilities but at the same time amplifies positive sensations. It took me a while to find the rhythm of the match, a month and a half after my return home I must say that I am recovering that confidence with the field that I was missing”.

There are no secrets that have led to this new Ruzzier: “I would say that the magic words are cohesion and work. I found a group that goes very well together and in which it was really easy to fit. There is no single leader, we all know how to be protagonists within the same game. And then there’s the sensational work of our technical staff who prepare the matches perfectly. We feel we’re on the right track and this helps us because trust in the things we do is growing week after week”.

Finally, a message to Giulia’s fans: “In the meantime, I would like to thank the fans who followed us on Sunday in Venice and the week before in Treviso. Seeing so many people away to support us is priceless for us. You have to earn the affection of the public, let’s hope that the victories of the last few weeks have been of use in this sense. Because, says someone who as an opponent has seen what the Allianz Dome can be, cheering in Trieste can really make the difference”.



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