Kyle Kuzma, the Wizards ready to take a risk?

Kyle Kuzma will it ignite the market before the trade deadline in February? Performing, the interior of the Washington Wizards has the possibility of testing the market at the end of the season. And he made it clear he was going to do it by declining his “player option”.

A logical choice for the ex-talent of the Los Angeles Lakers, who can claim a nice contract. A real danger for the DC franchise, which could therefore lose it without recovering any consideration. And precisely, this threat seems really real with the interest of the 27-year-old player for the big markets.

While an exchange seemed inevitable, Washington could surprise its world. Indeed, according to information from Yahoo Sports journalist Jake Fischer, the Wizards are broadcasting a clear message behind the scenes: Kuzma will not move.

And above all, the leaders of the team really hope to retain him by offering him a nice deal. A risky strategy, because the competition will be strong on this file. But the Wizards may be intent on offering him a salary he can’t refuse.

After a huge investment to retain Bradley Beal, Will Washington follow the same path with Kyle Kuzma? And is that enough, with Kristaps Porzingisto nurture ambitions in the East?

Kyle Kuzma, his name really drives the market crazy!



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