Keylor Navas responded when he was demanded in PSG’s victory in the French Cup

Keylor Navas once again showed his quality, raised his hand and made it clear to Christophe Galtier, the PSG coach, that he can count on him.

Keylor, who returned to the starting lineup with PSG, responded and showed confidence when Châteauroux presented some dangerous actions. Navas was very focused in the game that PSG won 3-1 on the road.

The first action where the Costa Rican had to intervene occurred at minute 26, when Châteauroux took a corner kick and the ball closed over the goal of Navas, who punched and moved the ball away from his area.

However, at minute 37 he could do nothing against Natanaël Ntolla’s shot, who at that moment tied the game at one.

Ntolla took the opportunity to take a shot inside the area, it wasn’t going strong, but Zaïre-Emery, Navas’ teammate at PSG, deflected the ball’s trajectory and it went to the end of the goal.

The best play by the Costa Rican came at the start of the second half.

At minute 47 Kouadio Guy Ange Ahoussou entered the area from the left sector, released the shot and with one hand, Keylor deflected the corner kick.

At the end of the commitment they tested the national goal again, who launched himself and controlled the ball.

With Keylor Navas as the starter, PSG not only had control of the shares, but also opened the scoring.

PSG put Châteauroux of the Third Division against the wall 1-0, in a commitment for the thirty-two of the French Cup.

The goal was scored by Hugo Ekitike 12 minutes into the match, after lowering a ball inside the area that remained at the feet of Ismaël Gharbi, who immediately served him the pass and Ekitike with a touch to the goalkeeper’s right-hand stick, shook the networks.

The 2 for 1 in favor of the Parisian team was made by Carlos Soler at 78 minutes. Something that was seen would come at any moment, due to the overwhelming dominance of PSG.

Soler took advantage of his height and after a clearance from the goalkeeper, who lacked help, made it 2-1 with a header. The final 3-1 was scored by Juan Bernat at minute 91.

Châteauroux is in fourteenth place in their tournament and their last game was a 3-2 defeat against CS Sedan-Ardennes on December 16.

Christophe Galtier, PSG coach, confirmed some casualties for this game such as Lionel Messi and Neymar. They are joined by others absent for different reasons such as Kylian Mbappé, Achraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Marco Verratti, Renato Sanches, Nuno Mendes and Presnel Kimpembe.

With this large number of absences, PSG used a starting lineup with the following protagonists: Keylor Navas; North Mukiele, Marquinhos, El Chadaille Bitshiabu, Juan Bernat; Vitinha, Warren Zaire-Emery, Ishmael Gharbi; Charles Soler; Paul Sarabia and Hugo Ekitike.

The team led by Maxence Flachez wanted to surprise in this French Cup.

His starting eleven to face the Parisians featured Paul Delecroix; Benjaloud Youssouf, Kouadio Ange Ahoussou, Peter Ouaneh, Aloys Fouda; Jonathan Mexique, Romain Basque, Malcolm Viltard; Nolan Roux, Natanaël Ntolla and Florian Bianchini.


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