Kento Momota’s Surrender After Lifting a Suitcase from the Indonesia Masters

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Kento Momota hinted at surrender after picking up the suitcase earlier in the first round Indonesia Masters 2023 at Istora Senayan, Wednesday (25/1).

Momota’s performance at the 2023 Indonesia Masters was stopped in the early rounds after losing to Shi Yu Qi from China in two straight games 18-21, 7-21.

The 28-year-old badminton player chose to be graceful with the defeat. He didn’t want to regret his poor performance and go home early.

“It’s also called a game where there are winners and losers. There was a time when I often won and often lost. What’s important is how now I want to recover so I don’t get carried away by pressure and get carried away,” said Momota.

The former world number one took a break from prestigious events for about five months after the 2022 Japan Open then returned to action at the 2023 India Open despite losing in the first round. He admits there are mental problems that make the current trend decline.

“Maybe I really have to focus on maintaining my current mental state, that’s more important,” he said.

Even so, Momota stated that he would not give up. In the near term he targets to win one match that followed.

The two-time world champion has not even thought of a retirement plan. Even though he said that badminton was no longer interesting to him during an interview with BWF, he saw that there was still hope for him.

“His name also lost, I just want to enjoy playing badminton. But I have not thought about retirement issues, there is no retirement plan yet. I just want to live with what is there,” he said.

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