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By Fernando Ribeiro Cham

“You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t try”
– Wayne Gretzky

The CIBAPAC season is about to end with the semifinals taking place
this weekend. Yesterday, those of us who had the opportunity to watch the game between
Ensenada and Cananea, we saw an already mature team, players aware of
his role on the field and that he knew how to sustain the pressure of going down by 10 points
against a very solid team with good control of possession of the ball, but
that was diminished in physical form, mainly of its two players
foreigners who looked tired, which influenced their effectiveness of

Another important success was the change in the zone defense,
generating pressure on the wings and recognizing that the post game of the
Sonoran team was limited and seeking to run the court understanding that
Ensenada has more spare parts on its roster.

There are technical aspects that are sometimes not valued, but that result from
much importance. Hill’s triple double yesterday, I find it very
remarkable. 10 assists. That speaks to the player’s peripheral vision, but
also the recognition of a teammate with a more open throw or
What to say about “Kevin”, who makes up for what his physique has diminished with effort. He
He has understood that his offensive contribution cannot be limited to establishing screens

When Bucio accepts the load of a player of 110 kilos or more, looking for a
offensive foul, send a message to the youth players who are more limited today
your minutes. Bucio does not have to prove anything to anyone. national champion,
national team, professional player in the most important league in the country and
continue to show leadership, continue to play aggressive defense, and continue to
“putting the chest” to the offensive.

Raúl didn’t play well yesterday? Moment. Evaluate performance by quantity alone
of basketed triples, is of very low observation. See the work to the defense,
in the post, dealing with opponents of at least 15 kilos heavier. There’s a
Huge wear and tear on a guard turned player 4 out of necessity.

For me, the key player in this series is Leo Cabrera and I’m not saying it for the
need for him to score 20, 25 or 30 points, as he did before the
addition of Jeff, but because of the wear and tear that it must cause on the mover and the wings of the Cananea team.

Leo has the physical background to compete and must
compete. Tire the mover, demand from the lefty who yesterday scored at least four
triples, reaching to return after help at 2 to 1.

The team that manages to recover its players physically better will win. In
a series where technically the teams are very even, is the
physical fitness and mental strength what makes the distinctive and of course, not
believe that an advantage is big enough.

Postscript. The circuit must improve in its organization. last year final four
in a single venue, today semifinals at 2 out of 3 games, teams that should be
eliminated, fighting to reach the final. It is not possible for the organization to go
on the fly, that it is not known from the beginning what the system of
classification and the format of the tournament and that it even changes during its march. The
seriousness in this type of leagues allows them to last and the teams do not
they emigrate or even desist from participating.



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