Iván Sosa, from Movistar, wounded with the butt of a trucker’s revolver in Colombia

Iván Sosa, last fall, with the leader’s jersey of the Langkawi Tour, which he won.

Colombian cyclist, ivan sosaa member of the Movistar team, was injured on his face this Thursday as a result of a traffic incident in his country when a trucker has assaulted him and struck with the butt of a revolver. The 25-year-old runner, who in a few weeks was to move to Andorra where he resides during the competition season, he was taken to a hospital.

The event occurred on roads in the department of Cundinamarca. According to what they say various Colombian media, Sosa was training with his bike near the city of Fusagasugá when he was abruptly closed by a large-tonnage truck. The broker recriminated the action to the driver, who got out of the vehicle wielding a gun with which he hit the Spanish team cyclist in the face.

stopped by police

The trucker, shortly after, was intercepted at a highway tollbooth. There it stopped the police Colombian. Sosa arrived at Movistar last year from Ineos. This year in the Giro, spring allergies prevented him from performing better in the Italian round. Considered a good climber he has succeeded with the set of eusebio unzue victories in the Vuelta a Asturias and the Tour de Langkawi, at the same time that he has been a domestique in other races on the calendar. His contribution was key for Alejandro Valverde to win the O Gran Camiño, the new tour of Galicia, which was held last winter.


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