It is the first time that Panama closes the year among the 12 greats of world baseball Panama among the 12 greats of world baseball at WBSC

Angel Valdes | January 1, 2023

Panama closed the baseball year this December 31, 2022 with its entry into the select and privileged group of the 12 Greats of world baseball, according to information issued by the World Baseball & Softball Confederation (WBSC), acronym in English.

After the WBSC announced its last ranking in 2022, Panama was ranked 12th, after a special year where it participated in three world championships and an outstanding participation in regional events, which gave it the necessary points to move to the position 12.

“We are extremely proud of our players, of our coaches, Panama gets into the long-awaited Ranking of the 12 best in the world and that is a reason for joy for all those who in one way or another have given their sweat to the development of baseball in Panama”, said our president of the Panamanian Baseball Federation, Benicio Robinson.

Panama went to the U12 World Championship, the U15 World Cup, the U18 World Cup and was champion of America in the U15 Pre-World Championship, in addition to qualifying again for the U18 World Cup in 2023.

“We have fought, it is a sign of the sacrifice of our players, a great job was done and the results are there, we are among the 12 best in the world and it is something that we have achieved as a team, both the players, the coaches and the leadership of national baseball,” said Esteban Carrasco, the Administrative Manager of the Panamanian Baseball Federation.

Panama has 1,529 points, going up one step, since it had remained at number 13. Puerto Rico is now number 13 after going up 3 places and Canada is 14 after descending two steps.

The world ranking leader is Japan with 4,179 points, followed by Chinese Taipei (3,819), the United States (3,449) and Korea (3,428 points).

Panama starts 2023 with a solid step, with its mind set on the World Classic, the Youth World Cup and other national and international events.


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