Investigative Journalism: Does Being Natural Get Answers to Tough Questions?

Malta Files e Football Leaks, Offshore Leaks, Panama Papers, Bahamas Leaks, Paradise Papers e Angolagate… What is this activity that stirs the world on the surface, making hidden engines of obscure economies emerge?apparent businesses moved by underground fraternities, protected by unimputable lawyers and whose secrets are kept in documents that, from time to time, are diverted and made public?

Welcome to the second episode dedicated to Africa from the podcast of the Internacional do Expresso section The World at Your Feet. This time we talk about investigative journalism about the topic State drug trafficking in Guinea-Bissauwhich goes through a master’s thesis (“Building a narco-state – the case of Guinea-Bissau”, Department of International Studies at ISCTE), a report (“O Corredor de Bissau”, published in Expresso and on the Pulitzer Center website) and a documentary (“Via Bissau”).

Os guests are Micael Pereirajournalist and member of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, e charles isaacdirector, producer, cinematographer.

This episode is authored by journalist Cristina Peres and has multimedia editing by João Martins. Follow us on all podcast platforms or on the Expresso website at



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