Huracán de Goya tied in Chaco and was eliminated from the Regional

Huracán’s tour in the Regional Federal Amateur Tournament (Trfa) came to an end in the Chaco city of General San Martín. Sabalero could not overcome the local team, América, with whom they drew 1-1 yesterday afternoon. With this result, the Chaco team took advantage of the victory achieved by the slightest difference in the “first leg” match played a week ago in Goya to qualify for the final of the North Coast region.

With the need to go looking for the win, Huracán came out to play the game advancing his lines on the field of play, and although he dominated the game, it was difficult for him to go deep to bring danger closer to the goal in front.

After an interruption ordered by the referee to attend to a person who was in the stands, América matched the actions, each time Muñoz or Caballero made contact with the ball, while Ruíz sought to surprise by coming by surprise from the left sector of the stroke.

In the first dangerous arrival of the Chaco team, Ezequiel Rivero made the most of a projection on the wing, entering the area and taking a shot with the outside face of his right foot that overcame Cantero’s resistance to put his team ahead.

Touched by the goal against, Huracán pushed again in search of equality. El Sabalero approached with a mid-distance shot from Zone that deflected off a rival and passed near the left pipe, and another from Falcone that goalkeeper Lezcano flew to deflect the corner kick.

The equality finally arrived in the first seconds of the time added by the referee Cavallero. América failed in a quick exit, losing the ball in midfield. The ball went to Pinat, who hooked and played for Zarantonelli, who lengthened for Torgoff’s rise, who took a left-footed shot to the near post that overcame Lezcano’s resistance to put a little more justice on the scoreboard.

In the complement, Huracán came out determined to look for the unevenness. And in the first clear action of danger in favor of the visit, the goalkeeper Lezcano covered Zone’s one-on-one. Then Huracán tried with a violent shot from outside Blanco’s area that went wide.

El Sabalero spent the game against a local team that retreated their lines and bet on a counterattack. The visiting coach, Maximiliano Ruíz Díaz, bet everything with the entry of another striker: Sergio Sosa instead of Torgoff, and then refreshed the team with the entry of Moreira, Rinaldi and Vallejos for Blanco, Zone and Maciel, respectively.

In the final minutes, the visit pushed América against the goal, but lacked offensive clarity to score, going too far with crosses into the rival area. In one of them, the good goalkeeper Lezcano missed, but Maidana saved his team by rejecting near the line, in a play that Sabalero could not take advantage of.

Already in injury time, and with the entire visiting team advanced on the field of play, América missed the winning goal in a stinging counterattack, when finishing off the deflected Matías Gómez, only from the penalty spot.

The referee’s final whistle put an end to Huracán’s hopes, which in any case rounded off an excellent tournament, and rewarded the modest América de General San Martín, who in the last two games left Ferroviario de Corrientes on the road, due to penalties, and to the Goyan Sabalero.




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