Historic penalty for a 12-year-old player: 25-game suspension


The footballer, from Alfindén EFB, attacked several rivals after being sent off

Municipal field of La Puebla de Alfindén


Updated at 2:16 p.m.

The Aragonese Football Federation has imposed a historic penalty on a player from the Alfindén EFBa team from the 3rd Aragonese children’s division, after the incidents that occurred during the match between that club and Cristo Rey on December 17, in Zaragoza, and which had to be suspended.

According to the resolution, the 12-year-old player receives a four-game suspension after being sent off for assaulting an opponent while the game was stopped. Added to this sanction are “fifteen games for attacking opponents after the previous act while the game was stopped, applying the sanction to its maximum degree, given the context in which the acts of special helplessness of the opposing players who were lying on the ground occurred. pitch”. The last six suspension games are imposed “for seriously and repeatedly insulting the referee.”

He is not the only player seriously penalized. Two other Alfindén players, one of them the brother of the previous one, were also sanctioned with 15 games for attacking several rivals who were lying on the pitch.

Two of the rival players presented medical reports to the Aragonese Federation to demonstrate their injuries.

In addition, the FAF closes the field of Club Alfinden During three official games in the 3rd Infantile competition, he deducts two points from the general classification, imposes a fine of 400 euros and warns him of exclusion from the competition.



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