Gustavo Puerta is out of Colombia vs Argentina in the South American U-20 due to accumulation of yellow cards | Colombia selection

The Colombian Selectiona faced Brazil and ended with a 1-1 draw against Brazil, a result that left them with options to qualify for the final hexagonal, although they were forced to beat Argentina to achieve privileged positions.

Undoubtedly, the level of gustavo gate In this U-20 South American he has been decisive and is the different player that Héctor Cárdenas’s team has, who, in addition to being the captain, has become the axis to defend in the midfield, in addition to having good construction of plays from face to the bow

His goal at the angle against Brazil meant confirmation that Puerta is by far the revelation player for Colombia in the South American and his performance has been fundamental in the three games that the youth team has played.

However, not everything is wonderful for Colombia and facing the next game against Argentina, Héctor Cárdenas will have to build a team without his jewel gustavo gatewho He will not be there due to the accumulation of yellow cards and his absence could weigh heavily ahead of the decisive duel against the Albiceleste.

The warning that Puerta received against Brazil at minute 58 ended up being the confirmation of his loss for the match against the Argentines, by adding two yellow cards in the contest, since he had one since the first game against Paraguay.

For now, Héctor Cárdenas would not have defined how to make up for the absence of Gustavo Puerta, although the Santa Fe player, Jhojan Torres, who has entered in the second half against Brazil and Paraguay, is talked about in the first instance.

For the moment, Colombia will have the obligation to beat Argentina on Friday, January 27 and without Gustavo Puerta they hope to be able to maintain the good performance they had against Brazil.


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