Gers: in Lombez, what future for the Golf de Barbet?

the essential
The Golf de Barbet association is waiting for a buyer after the site was delisted by the French Federation at the end of 2022, following poor management.

In the preamble to the general assembly of the Sports Association (AS) Golf de Barbet, President Jean-Marc Cazeneuve expressed his bitterness this year: “In recent years, we have experienced increasingly difficult exercises. The result is the closure of our golf course. AS did everything in their power to keep our course afloat. Voluntary actions, miscellaneous work, contributions paid in advance without any tangible consideration. »

A buyer from real estate?

For the leader of the AS, the facts are there, resulting from “the negligence of the managers”.
While the club performed well in 2022, the future of golf is in jeopardy. Hope is looming with a possible buyer, a golfer, real estate professional. The town hall is also committed to the survival of golf in Savès. The solution is currently in the hands of the legal representative.

The treasurer Jean-Jacques Ribet, after the approval of the moral report, set out the figures which can be summed up as follows: an annual financial statement of – €2163.49. The financial situation of AS as of December 31, 2022 remains healthy thanks to good years before Covid. All account details are available on request (booking an appointment). During the GA, the 2022 financial statement was adopted unanimously.

new office

A very honorable sports report concluded this assembly, detailing the competitions, the trophies, the championships… in a very good atmosphere and conviviality. After nine years of presidency, Jean-Marc Cazeneuve wished to retire. However, he remains in the office. Were elected: Alain Valcarcel, president; vice-president: Jacques Alfenore; treasurer: Jean Jacques Ribet; secretary: Denys Grenier Déferre; Sports Director: Éric Zabka; other members: Ellen Schalekamp, ​​Guillaume Ribet, Yves Caffier, François Lebourges and Jean Marc Cazeneuve.

Before closing the session, Vice-President Jacques Alfenore brought other elements to the disastrous situation of golf, specifying the avenues envisaged to save it: “The operators (BCG) have never regularized the change of society dating from 2016. The former company (Chez DIES) was struck off the commercial register in March 2022 and the course no longer had a manager administratively. In 2018, the FFG had alerted and the current president of the AS had submitted a regularization file which was never sent […] In the meantime, we ask all those for whom the survival of our association and its essential role in the dynamics of the group makes sense, to renew their license 2023, independently, without attachment to a club. »

Practical: you can renew your license directly online with la FFG as an independent player.



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