French Basketball Cup: end of the adventure for ASC Tours and Sport Guyanais

The girls from Sport Guyanais and the boys from ASC Tours were both beaten in the Round of 16 of the French Basketball Cup Trophy. The matches took place on January 21, 2023 in Vanves for the men and in Franconville for the women.

The evening was difficult for both teams. This Saturday, January 21, Guyana defended the colors of the GuyMarGua zone for the round of 16 of the French Cup Basketball Trophy, for both females and males. After two intense matches, the two Guyanese teams were beaten by their opponents from France.

Among the girls of Sport Guyanais, who played in Franconville (Val d’Oise), against a team from National 1 (NF1), the match was particularly difficult. Despite their 14-point lead, the players were quickly overtaken by their opponents from Franconville PB Basket-Club, they were beaten 108 to 50. We remember, however, their achievement: reaching this stage of the competition for the first time in the history of the club. “We will come back stronger“said the captain of Sport Guyanais.

Action during the Sport Guyanais girls’ match, in Franconville


The boys from La Tour faced the team from Vanves, who were playing at home. Despite the location of the match, the atmosphere was Guyanese. Cayenne players first led the dance, before being overtaken by those of Vanves GPSO Basketball. The last minutes of the match were tense and the score tight. Unfortunately, ASC Tours will not repeat its achievement of the year 2022, which is to reach the semi-finals. The players are beaten 79 to 68 after a good opposition.

The ASC Tours team warming up



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