Football: “Zidane coach of Brazil? I have nothing to shake!” : the lunar outing of Noël le Graët on the former number 10 of the Blues

Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football Federation (FFF), let loose this Sunday concerning the future of Zinedine Zidane, whose name had been mentioned with insistence to succeed Didier Deschamps at the head of the team of France.

Lunar. Asked this Sunday evening about RMC to find out if Zinédine Zidane, who acted as the N.1 option at the head of the Blues in the event of non-renewal of Deschamps’ contract, had called him in recent days, Noël Le Graët was very brittle towards the former number 10 world champion 1998 in the tricolor jersey.

“I wouldn’t even have taken him on the phone. To tell him what? Hello sir, don’t worry, look for another club, I just agreed with Didier”said 81-year-old Noël Le Graët. “Would it be heartbreaking for him to go to Brazil? (Zidane is announced at the head of the Brazilian selection by local media) Me, I have nothing to shake. He can go where he wants, in a big club, a selection, I hardly believe it as far as he is concerned”.

ud83dudca5 Guest of Bartoli Time on RMC, Noël Le Graët completely let loose on Zidane.

ud83cudf99 “Zidane in Brazil? I don’t care! If he tried to reach me? Certainly not, I wouldn’t even have taken him on the phone.”

— RMC Sport (@RMCsport) January 8, 2023

This release comes the day after the formalization of the extension of the contract until 2026 of Didier Deschamps as coach of the France team.



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