Djokovic in the race for the GOAT

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Melbourne (AFP) – Crowned Sunday at the Australian Open for the tenth time, Novak Djokovic equaled Rafael Nadal’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles: if he will probably never be as adored as Roger Federer or admired as Nadal, the figures in make the probable GOAT (greatest player of all time).

. 22: the record number of Grand Slam titles, tied with Nadal.

In detail, he won the Australian Open ten times (record), seven times Wimbledon (Federer has the record with 8 titles), three times the US Open (Federer, Sampras and Connors have the record with 5) and twice Roland-Garros (Nadal holds the staggering record of 14 titles there). But in 2022, his refusal to be vaccinated against Covid prevented him from playing in Melbourne and New York.

The 2019 and 2020 editions of the US Open, of which he was favorite, had already escaped him due to an abandonment and then a disqualification. In 2021, crushed by the challenge of winning the Grand Slam, he was beaten in the final at Flushing Meadows by Daniil Medvedev.

Since Djokovic won his first Major in 2008 (Australia), Nadal has won 19 and Federer 8.

He is one of only four players to have won at least twice each of the four Grand Slam tournaments along with Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Rafael Nadal.

He is also one of only three players in history to have won the Grand Slam over two years (2015-2016) with Donald Budge and Rod Laver.

And with four titles in a row at Wimbledon, he equaled the series of Pete Sampras, but remains one unit behind those of Björn Borg and Roger Federer (5). Ditto in terms of matches won consecutively on the London turf: Djokovic has reached the 28 mark, but Sampras (31), Federer (40) and Borg (41) are ahead.

. 373 (record): the number of weeks spent in the place of world N.1.

As of Monday, he will begin his 374th week at the top of the hierarchy.

The Serb lost his place as world No.1 on June 13, 2022, having been unable to defend his title at the Australian Open and having lost it at Roland-Garros in the quarter-finals. Her seventh title at Wimbledon did not earn her a point due to the decision of the ATP – like the WTA for women – not to distribute any at the tournament which refused Russian and Belarusian players in retaliation for the war in Ukraine. Djokovic played the 2023 Australian Major as the 5th in the world.

. 33 (record): the number of Grand Slam finals played, ahead of Federer (31) and Nadal (30). Like Serena Williams, but Chris Evert (34) is still ahead of the women.

. 10 (record): the number of finals played -and all won- at the Australian Open. He also has 8 at Wimbledon where only Federer did better (12). Nadal played 14 at Roland-Garros.

. 89 (record): the number of matches won at the Australian Open. He also has 86 at Wimbledon where the record is held by Federer (105). Nadal holds the record for wins in a single Major with 112 at Roland-Garros.

. 341: the number of Grand Slam victories. Federer is ahead (369).

. 93: the number of tournaments won on the main circuit. 103 for Federer, 92 for Nadal, but the record is held by Jimmy Connors (109).

. 1043: the number of matches won on the circuit, still far behind Connors’ record (1274). Three other players have passed the 1000 win mark: Federer (1251), Lendl (1068) and Nadal (1068).

Ten tennis players with the greatest longevity between their first and their last Grand Slam title in men’s singles during the Open era (since 1968) © Kenan AUGEARD / AFP

. 7 (record): the number of years finished N.1 world, one better than his idol Pete Sampras. Federer and Rafael have 5.

. 27-23 and 30-29: the win-loss record against Federer and Nadal.

Djokovic has a positive win-loss record against his two main opponents Federer (27 wins for 23 losses) and Nadal (30 for 29).

. 38 (record): the number of titles in Masters 1000

Djokovic is also the only player to have won all nine tournaments in this category, just below the Majors, which is moreover several times.

. 6 (record): the number of end-of-year Masters.

He equaled Federer’s record last November in Turin in this closing tournament which brings together the eight best players of the season each year.



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