Copa del Rey: Barcelona – Real Sociedad, live

Last minute of Barcelona – Real Sociedad, live

When the list of teams entering the quarterfinals of Copa del Rey, it was stated that we could be facing the best edition of the competition in its entire history. It remains to be seen, but there is little doubt that, on paper, all the participants are great teams.

Tonight’s game promises. Two of the last three champions of Copa. Two teams known for carrying out a daring football proposal. It is likely that the Imanol on the Real is more polished than Xavi in it Barcelona. After all, the former has been in office for longer and has already achieved important titles. Furthermore, Xavi himself admits that this Real society It is a mirror in which they look. An inspiration.

At the moment, the culés still have the confidence rush of the Spain Supercupalthough against Getafe suffered to get the three points. That and having everyone available are the big arguments in favor of Barcelona.

The Royal Society, fired

The Real society clings to the great moment that it is going through as a team, with nine straight games winning, and at the individual level of many of its players, such as Alex Sorloth, Robert Navarro o Take Kuboto think that he may be able to win, despite the last minute loss of David Silva.

It is true that the feeling after the draw was negative, due to the entity of the rival and that heavy streak of 30 visits to the Camp Nou without winning. But something similar happened when three seasons ago he had to go to Santiago Bernabeuin this same round, and after a great victory in Madrid set blue and white he managed to reach the final and lift the title.



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