“Can such a kind-hearted child play professional baseball?” The “miracle” that Yuma Souma is in Japan’s No.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Umm, So-kun would do such a thing!”

In December of last year, a baseball clinic hosted by the OB-Kai was held at Hayato Yokohama, Soyuma’s alma mater. A total of 9 professional baseball players, including So, and those with experience in adult baseball gathered together and enjoyed playing baseball with elementary school students. held a microphone and declared the opening of the meeting, saying, “Everyone, let’s do our best!” And he actively talked to the children, made them laugh, and used gestures to liven up the scene. He couldn’t believe his eyes. To be honest, I couldn’t have imagined this figure 10 years ago.

“You weren’t that type of person… weren’t you?”

So, who I met at Hayato Yokohama for the first time, was an introverted and quiet player who looked at me with sharp eyes but quickly disappeared without looking away. He’s the type who, even if he’s asked something during an interview, only says one or two words and then backs away. As evidence of this, almost no comment from So remains in the interview notes. Still, he had only eight official strikeouts during his three years in high school. He had an outstanding sense of baseball, such as making a hit with the slider of Kiriko Gakuen and Hiroki Matsui (Rakuten), who was invincible in the prefecture. I think he was suffering from that gap because he had a childhood inside and out. As someone who covers high school baseball, there is nothing that makes him happier than witnessing the growth of the players.

“You weren’t that type of person before… weren’t you?” After the meeting ended, she asked the person herself, “Yeah, that’s true (lol). But today you played Max. Wow, you did!” She laughed shyly. The expression on his face is an “adult So-kun” that I have never seen before. There was a sense of professional dignity.

The most exciting time was during the home run competition.

A full swing with the toss raised by a junior! So, who never changed his style during the season, raised his right leg high and swung the bat without hesitation. Two home runs. “Yah!” he raised his right hand and rejoiced with the children.

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