Bundesliga basketball game in the Soester Alde-Halle

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Von: Frank Zollner


Fabian Kayser (on the ball) and Bovo Aguebor won with the Paderborn U16 youth Bundesliga team in Soest against Phönix Hagen (scene). On Sunday, the Rostock Seawolves are waiting for the top game in the Alde. © Rusche, Michael

BC 70 Soest will again host a home game of Unibaskets Paderborn on Sunday – for the second time this season.

Soest – The cooperation partner is organizing the home game in the main round of the youth basketball league (JBBL) from 1 p.m. in the hall of the Aldegrever-Gymnasium – opponents are in a top game between the third Paderborn and the second, the Rostock Seawolves.

“We’re looking forward to it. The hall was full the first time. We are also happy about the great interest in the boys,” says Andreas Kayser, chairman of the BC 70. There are five players in the Unibaskets U16 team who have their roots in the BC 70. In addition to the U-national player Tom Brüggemann, there are Jakob Sommer, Bovo Aguebor, Fabian Kayser and Konstantin Schenkel.

Brüggemann only played with the reserves of the Paderborn seniors at BC 70 Soest last Saturday and won 91:90 in the 2nd regional league. In the Soesters, Bovo Aguebor, a player on the side, made his senior debut in this game, and Fabian Kayser, son of the club chairman, also played for the seniors this season.

BC 70 Soest players as top performers

All five should be used on Sunday, including Brüggemann, who missed the surprising Paderborn defeat in Oldenburg last Sunday because he played in the U19s and thus in the junior basketball league, as he often did.

In addition to Brüggemann, Kayser and Aguebor are the top performers in the Paderborn U16 and the players who contribute the most points. “All five started playing basketball at an early age. That paid off,” says Andreas Kayser.

The game against Rostock is also important because it is about getting the best possible starting position for the play-offs from the beginning of March on the way to the Final Four and the German Championship and correspondingly easier opponents from other groups.

Paderborn won the first leg 69:65 in Rostock, which was the North Germans’ first defeat so far. The first half of the season ends on February 19th.

According to Andreas Kayser, it is not yet clear whether the Soesters will get another home game and since the play-offs are scheduled at short notice, it is also difficult to realize. But now not only Andreas Kayser is looking forward to a high-class and probably exciting youth game of strong talents in the hall of the Aldegrever-Gymnasium.



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