Basketball. NM3: Brest sinks Saint-Nazaire – Basketball

ABC Nazairien – Brest Métropole Basket: 54-73.

It was 20 minutes late that the meeting could be launched, rainwater flowing from the roof on the parquet floor and the scoreboard showing whims.

The people of Brest were wasting no time. ABCN led 3-2 then Finisterians took the lead and never let go. More experienced, more serene, they increased their lead over the minutes in the first period under the impetus of Oger, Sow, however borrowed this evening, and Ebondo dominating on the rebound. The Nazairians were content to circle around their opponent, refusing to speak inside.

Franck Vérove: “Very good defensively in the first period”

During the first period, while the Saint-Nazaire turnover was permanent, sowing trouble in the ranks, they had no free throws to attempt while the Brestois shot 22!

The second period was more bleak, the Bretons managing their lead before the turn without ever being threatened. Franck Vérove had especially appreciated the first period. “It’s true that we could have won by 40 points. We achieved a dream first quarter, a very good second as well, then we experienced a slight drop in speed. There was also fatigue. I remember that we were very good defensively in the first period and intelligent in attack.


Quarter times: 13-28, 15-17, 12-16, 14-12.

Referees: MM. Cabite and Rousseau.

ABC NAZAIRIEN : Pedeboscq (5 points), Diallo (5), Gabato (4), Ngouama (5), Octor (11), Jaulin (0), Soudel (14), Begarin (0) and Mondjongo (10).

BREST METROPOLIS: Duboquet (8), Naja (0), Jeddari (5), Cornilleau (6), Leroy (6), Coatanea (16), Oger (14), Ebondo (7), Sow (14).

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