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Issei Okuno’s Money and Sports Course (17) – Differences between Investment and Speculation

A third-year baseball club member who listened twice in a row to Mr. Kazunari Okuno, who teaches students about investing in home economics classes while serving as an advisor to the baseball team at Shuei High School. Female manager Yuki Sasaki and new member baseball boy Ichiro Suzuki. In particular, when I used Yakult as an example last time, I learned that the way in which professional baseball fans see Yakult and the way in which investors see Yakult are very different.

How should young people deal with such investments? It must be the key to investment education that started in high school. The third semester has started and school has resumed, and Yuki and Suzuki are talking about winter break in the baseball club room.

Suzuki: “Did you buy the year-end jumbo?”
Yuki “I bought it, but I didn’t win.”
Suzuki: “Me too. Why do people buy lottery tickets when they know they usually won’t win?”
Yuki: “My mother said, ‘As long as you don’t buy it, you’ll never win’.”
Suzuki: “Do you have a point? My father said at the end of the year that he invested in Arima Kinen and lost.”
Yuki: Is that what you call an investment?

Mr. Okuno who came in there. Investment education for high school students started this year, but the lack of a clear definition of “investment” leaves me feeling uneasy.

Okuno: “Where should I start explaining?

When I talk about investing in stocks, people say, “Stocks are like gambling. There will always be people who say, “There’s nothing better than not doing it.”

Perhaps this kind of person thinks that anything that “may be profitable, but may be lost” is “gambling”. But investing and gambling are completely different things, and gambling can be replaced with the word “speculation” to put it another way. Strictly speaking, whether or not speculation is gambling may be a little different, but for today, let me first explain that “investment and speculation (almost = gambling) are completely different things.”

Yuki: “Investment or speculation. Is it not a question of which is more profitable?”



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