Archery wants to target young people

Guérigny. Archery wants to target young people. For its fourth year of existence, the archery section of Asgu, chaired by Alain Genre (also president of the omnisports), has now found its place on the local chessboard, as the members and elected municipal officials who recently attended the general assembly.

The twenty or so licensees (from 12 to 80 years old!) meet twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) to train in the Espace Vauban, shared with the petanque club, but also outside, since the archers have already moved into the former Côte stadium in Bouillot, which will soon be equipped with 50m shooting ranges.

Over the past year, the section has participated in several sporting events, the highlight being the national youth gathering organized jointly, at the beginning of July, in Saint-Benin-d’Azy, by Ufolep and three Nivernais clubs. (Guérigny, Marzy and Saint-Benin-d’Azy).

Engage young people

The opportunity for the young Guérignois Enzo Save to shine and show great promise. To materialize in 2023, during the next gathering, provided, specifies Alain Genre, to gather the necessary finances, since it will be necessary to go to Thionville (Moselle).

In the meantime, the president and his team will continue to invest in getting young people interested in their sport, as recently by welcoming a group of college students during the lunch break.

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