Anthony Edwards in shock: “Rudy Gobert stared at him, and…”

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Criticized from all sides since his arrival at the Timberwolves, Rudy Gobert has seen his credibility turned upside down this season. Anthony Edwards, however, came to his aid in this context with an oh so telling testimony on the contribution of the Frenchman!

Victories alone eradicate many evils. Rudy Gobert has noticed this more than ever for the past few days. Main target of criticism following the Timberwolves’ disappointing start to the season, the French pivot has been spared much more these days, while his franchise has 7 successes in the last 10 games. Most of the speeches concerning him are now dithyrambic.

Anthony Edwards highlights the contribution of Rudy Gobert

Attacked on his offensive performance not sufficient for the taste of observers in recent months, Gobert is not necessarily more effective on this side of the field. However, he has been reaping the compliments one by one for the past few days… thanks to his defense. After its recent historic feat in the matterthe Stifle Tower was again praised by Anthony Edwards for a characteristic action, signed against the Kings:

Anthony Edwards, who increasingly realizes the impact of Rudy Gobert: “I was sitting on the bench today, and I saw an opponent coming in, and looking at Rudy as he had a wide open layup. Rudy just stared at him, and the guy threw the ball, and Rudy intercepted it. Like, his mere presence in a game affects a lot of people. »

A flattering account for Gobzilla, and which is worth its weight in gold coming from one of its former detractors. Edwards indeed tended to wrongly reduce the defensive influence of the tricolor international before the latter joined him at Wolves. From now on, it is he who praises his deterrent capacity, and which makes it possible to highlight the famous action of the kind seen against Sacramento:

Rudy Gobert is gradually regaining the influence and notoriety that characterize him defensively. Even Anthony Edwards remains speechless in front of the intimidation force of his partner, crucial in the beautiful series of the Timberwolves!



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