Alperen Şengün’s reaction in Houston Rockets! ‘Fighting against coach, fired’

The regular season in the NBA continued with 8 games.

Houston Rockets, played by Alperen Şengün, lost to Los Angeles Clippers 121-120 away.

Our national center Alperen Şengün, who stayed on the field for 29.36 minutes in the fight, scored 15 points with 7 shots in 12. Alperen Şengün had 8 rebounds, 4 of which were offensive, and made 6 assists. Filling the statistics sheet with 1 turnover and 1 block, Alperen’s game was not enough to win.

Terance Mann added 31 points and Kawhi Leonard 30 points for the LA Clippers.

Here are the results from the other matches of the night:

Detroit Pistons 104-117 New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls 131-118 Golden State Warriors
Brooklyn Nets 102-112 Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs 119-132 Sacramento Kings
Denver Nuggets 119-116 Orlando Magic
Portland Trail Blazers 140-123 Dallas Mavericks
Los Angeles Lakers 112-113 Philadelphia76ers


20-year-old Alperen Şengün, who plays for the Houston Rockets, became the youngest center to make a “triple double” in the American Basketball League (NBA) with 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists against the Sacramento Kings.

20-year-old Alperen, who became the youngest center to reach double digits in three statistics in the history of the league, was also recorded as the youngest player to achieve this in the history of the club.

Houston Rocketsta Alperen Şengün backlash Fights coach, fire him


After the Houston Rockets lost to the LA Clippers, Rockets fans reacted strongly to head coach Stephen Silas. The fans criticized Silas, who did not start Alperen Şengün in the top 5 and generally sat on the bench.

Some of the reactions of Houston Rockets fans on social media are as follows;

– Silas doesn’t want to win. Alperen Şengün is fighting against the coach.

– Şengün is fighting alone against the Clippers.

– Fire the loser Silas. He must be kidding. Alperen makes Şenmgün sit on the bench.

– Fire Silas immediately and replace him with a new coach immediately

Houston Rocketsta Alperen Şengün backlash Fights coach, fire him

Houston Rocketsta Alperen Şengün backlash Fights coach, fire him


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