AFF Cup 2022: FIFA Highlights Attitude of Malaysian Fans to Thai Players Page all – The international football governing body, FIFA, highlighted the attitude of Malaysian fans who continue to pay respects to Thai players even though their team had just lost in the semifinals of the 2022 AFF Cup.

The Thai national team managed to secure a ticket to the 2022 AFF Cup final after eliminating Malaysia in the semifinal second leg match, Tuesday (10/1/2023).

The defending champion Thailand hosted Malaysia in the second leg of the 2022 AFF Cup semifinals with one goal behind from Malaysia.

In the first semifinal in Kuala Lumpur, Saturday (7/1/2023), the Thai national team made by Alexandre Polking lost 0-1 to host Malaysia.

However, in the second leg at home, the War Elephant Troops managed to turn things around.

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Playing at the Thammasat Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand succeeded in conquering Malaysia with a score of 3-0.

Three of Thailand’s winning goals were scored by Teerasil Dangda in the 19th minute, Bordin Phala (55′) and Adisak Kraisorn (71′).

The semifinal results of the 2022 AFF Cup brought Thailand to the final with a 3-1 aggregate victory over Malaysia.

Even though the team lost, the supporters of the Malaysian national team who traveled to the Thammasat Stadium continued to pay respect to the host players.

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After the match, the Thai squad led by team captain Theerathon Bunmathan came to one side of the stands occupied by Malaysian fans.

In the stands, a group of Malaysian fans voiced chants and applauded the winning team.

Seeing the action of the opposing team’s supporters, Theerathon Bunmathan joined in the applause and continued to spread smiles.

A respectful sight was presented at the Thailand Stadium, Bangkok.

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The action of the Malaysian fans also received attention from FIFA.

“A beautiful match. Malaysian fans show respect to Thai players after losing to them in the AFF Cup,” wrote FIFA’s official Twitter account.

Furthermore, Thailand will face Vietnam in the 2022 AFF Cup final.

In the other semifinal match, Vietnam won 2-0 on aggregate over Indonesia.

The 2022 AFF Cup final between Thailand and Vietnam will be held in two legs on Friday (13/1/2023) and Monday (16/1/2023).

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