3 x 3 basketball tour seeks state selective – El Sol de Cuautla

With a view to forming the Morelos selective teams of four categories that will participate in different national competitions, this January 14 and 15 the call will be carried outBasketball Tour 3 X 3 Morelos”.

For this, the activity was divided into three zones: South, East and Center; According to the call that the organization announced for the event, which has the endorsement of the Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of the State of Morelos.

Misael Serrano, one of the coordinators of this event in the eastern zone, informed that the goal of the tournament is choose the players who will be part of the state selectors for the CONADE 2023 Games and other competitions.

For this, he said, “Eight players will be selected in each branch and category, remembering that in the women’s branch we are national champions of the 2022 Conade Games and those girls will play again at this stage,” shared.

He indicated that all those interested in playing will be able to participate in the tournament, “That is why we are working by zones in the state, in the South Zone of the state Pedro Iván Salgado is in charge, in the Central Zone Professor Alberto Miranda, and in the Eastern zone your server Misael Serrano ”, said.

The headquarters of the selective on the Shingles Sur will be located in Alpuyeca, in the East will be Cuautla, and in the center the capital Cuernavaca.

The first four places in each zone will win the right to participate in the state stage, which will take place a week later at the Cuernavaca Centennial Sports Unit.

The categories called are 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010 and 2011-2012.

It was reported that the 2005-2006 senior category will be selected to participate in the National Championship in Acapulcowhich in turn will qualify for the Central American and Caribbean Games that will be held this year in San Salvador.

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