World Cup 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo planned escape from Qatar Sports

Further fuss about superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37) in the World Cup in Qatar!

With the outstanding 6:1 of the For the first time since 2008, the multiple world footballer had to sit on the bench at the start of a major tournament and was only substituted on in the 74th minute. An insult to Ronaldo!

Now, Portuguese newspaper A Bola even reveals that the superstar even wanted to leave Qatar after learning he was not in the starting XI against Switzerland.

Drastic words live on TV This Ronaldo photo is just awful

Ronaldo planned World Cup escape! And his sister Katia Aveiro (45) would have liked this very much.

She had already asked her brother to leave on social media. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “I wanted so badly for him to come home, for him to leave the national team and sit by our side to give him a hug and tell him everything is fine to remind him what he has conquered and what house he comes from.”

Ronaldo did not fulfill his sister’s wish after all. Nevertheless, there is still stress about the star in Portugals Team.

As the Spanish sports newspaper “Marca” now reports, Ronaldo should train with the reserves the day after the Switzerland game. But he wasn’t in the mood for that. Ronaldo wanted to go to the gym with the regular players – and prevailed. As the association confirmed, Ronaldo only completed recovery training with the eleven starting players on Wednesday.

All other internationals, who were substituted on and not played, began their preparations for the quarter-final against Morocco with an on-pitch training session.

Portugal meets on Saturday (4 p.m., here in live ticker) in his first World Cup quarterfinals since 2006 on the North Africans. Coach Fernando Santos (68) has not yet revealed whether Ronaldo will have to go back to the bench …

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