This is how Moroccan fans in Bilbao celebrate their pass to the quarterfinals


Hundreds of fans of the African team celebrate the elimination of La Roja in the penalty shootout in different parts of the town

Several hundred Moroccan fans who have gathered in the Biscayan capital to follow their team’s match against Spain are currently celebrating their move to the quarterfinals in a festive atmosphere. In the midst of a large police force established by the Ertzaintza, in order to prevent incidents from breaking out, the party has flooded the streets of the Casco Viejo and the surroundings of Bilbao la Vieja and has later spread to the rest of the city, where a crowd of fans of the African team celebrate at this time with chants and flares and honking their car horns their qualification for the next phase of the championship after eliminating La Roja in the penalty shootout.

San Francisco

Old Bilbao

The Autonomous Police have been deployed throughout the town although, for now, the celebration is taking place peacefully. The Bilbao device is not something exceptional. Special deployments have also been prepared in other towns in the Basque Country and in numerous cities throughout Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona. The game was played thousands of kilometers from Bilbao, but it was considered “high risk.”

Unamumo Square


VIDEO: Yvonne Iturgaiz

the sandbank

The Moroccan community of Vitoria celebrates the triumph of their team


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