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Lorenzo Insigne has long been a mainstay and captain of the Napoli. After 10 years, however, the streets of the “Magnificent” and Napoli have split. Insigne, in fact, has decided to move to Toronto FC to embark on a new life path.

This winter, therefore, is the first as a former Napoli player for the talent of Frattamaggiore. For the former Napoli captain, the first season with the Canadian shirt has already ended and Insigne has taken advantage of the holidays to return to Italy.

Insigne Toronto (Getty Images)

No Castel Volturno, Insigne trains at the Necklace

Last November 30, Insigne had been immortalized as he returned to Castel Volturno al Konami Training Center to visit his former team.

On that occasion, the number 24, had proposed to Naples from train right in Castel Volturno to better prepare for the next season of MLS. The former captain would have used the blue structures while the Neapolitans were busy retreating to Antalya.

This proposalBut, non was accepted because of some bureaucratic reasons. Insigne so he looked for a new field in the city to train. There choice it fell on Necklacewhere Insigne is training with great concentration in view of the next regular season.

Lorenzo Insigne is training at the Colla del Vomero stadium in the company of the trainers Alessandro Esposito and Francesco Scuotto.


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