The Leomotor Cup poses the challenge of defeating Maikel Melero

All against Maikel Melero. That seems to be the challenge of the next edition of the Gijón Freestyle that will take place from 6:30 p.m. on the 26th at the Palacio de los Deportes and that, as in all editions, is sponsored by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. “Every year we bring a world figure but this year we wanted to do the rest and there will be several winners of the Gijón test, some also world champion, who will have the challenge of trying to overcome the five-time world champion, Maikel Melero” he said the organizer of this event, Luis Molina.

The Gijón Freestyle celebrates its nineteenth edition, although this year with a new name, Leomotor Cup. It will have the presence not only of Melero, but also of Edgar Torronteras, Remy Bizuard, both former world champions; Xavi Dolls, 2019 Spanish Cup champion and Dany Torres, twice second in Gijón. The latter was present yesterday at the official presentation of the test and was “very excited to be here again.” Torres has spent two very hard years without being able not only to compete but even to get on a motorcycle: “I have had 10 knee operations in these two years and they ended up putting me on a prosthesis. Fortunately I have been training again for four months now and I feel very well ” he indicated.

The big novelty this year will be the reception ramp for the jumps, which will be made of an inflatable material that cushions the fall much more and is well received by the pilots: “for us it is much safer.” The passing of the years also evidenced the technological improvement in this aspect. “First the ramp was made of dirt, then it was a metal surface and now it is this inflatable material,” Torres recalled.

Both the Councilor for Sports, José Ramón Tuero, and Luis Molina agreed that “this is a classic test at Christmas”, to which Molina added: “we have been filling the Palace for 19 years, which indicates that it is something that people likes it”.

The sponsor of the event, Samuel Darrosa, head of Leomotor, assured that he was “very satisfied to be able to collaborate in an event like this that arouses great interest every year, as shown by the fact that it is always full”

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