The defense sustains and the triple executes (78-63)

Joan Pardina greeted the GBC players before the match. / gbc

Guuk GBC

Guuk GBC awaits its moment to deliver a final blow to Melilla in the quarterfinal with Jaworski in killer mode and Ander Martínez in figure

Raul Melero

The Guuk GBC is becoming more and more versatile equipment. Oroz goes from scoring fourteen points to making a shot at the basket. One day Zubizarreta shines, another Ander. He delas rebounds and when it is dry Nurger does. Sollazzo leaves twenty wonderful minutes and then doesn’t even look at the hoop. Jaworski starts cold as ice and ends incandescent. Encinas embraces the solidity that was demanded so much and fights with the first to the face of a dog and wins with solvency whoever has a fissure. Melilla held out for 30 minutes and then had to give up. The GBC defense was manual in the first two quarters and maintained minimal advantages, the third quarter was an exchange of baskets and in the end, the Gipuzkoan doll tipped the game.

The effervescence of the penalty shootout in Qatar has subtracted watts from basketball at the beginning. The Guuk GBC wanted to find the path to the basket as close as possible. Delas and Sollazzo have debuted and two triples from Melilla, the second on the board and from a churro but that is worth the same, have left those from the autonomous city ahead. Jaworski was absent and has been substituted. The GBC has begun to be a defense machine. He did not allow Fall baskets, he closed the rebound well and Oroz was torture for Javi López, Melilla’s generator. Only Delgado saw a hoop on the foreign side and Sollazzo has begun to dance on the track. Academic gestures, perfect poses and silk doll. The man from Florida kept the GBC afloat by punishing from the weak side and Nurger made a couple of baskets to sign the draw at the end of the first act, 13-13 (min.10). The Guuk survived without the triple.

Serbian bread from Etxarri-Aranaz

The thing has been of eaves because Ander Martínez has taken over from Sollazzo and the man from Madrid put Guuk ahead by himself. Ten points, four rebounds and three recoveries in the second quarter, where the Encinas team wanted to head towards victory. Recital by the Serbian from Etxarri-Aranaz. The rotations of the amaratarra came in handy. He followed the good defensive tone and found the basket more easily than at the start, to achieve a maximum of 32-24 (min.19) after Ander’s second triple.

There has been no correlation of good feelings after the break and the game turned into a dangerous exchange of baskets. Melilla has shown that he knew how to score and Zubizarreta has maintained the Guuk GBC type with Motos scoring two little bombs to enjoy a minimum income, 56-51 (min. 30). Everything has been left for the final quarter. And there you already know who has shone. A precious two plus one and a triple from the shark Jaworski have marked the maximum, 64-51 (min. 33) and was followed by three more triples from Zubizarreta, Ander and Mike Carlson. Finite. The bad news of the afternoon was Mikel Motos’ sprained ankle. Let’s hope it’s just a scare.



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