The Acqua San Bernardo does not stop: after Cremona as well

L’Water S.Bernardo Basketball Cantù beats at home Ferraroni JuVi Cremona (90-55) and closes the first round in first place in the Green group with 22 points. For coach Sacchetti’s men it is the ninth victory in a row.

Cantù-Cremona, the race

Start of the Juvina brand with the ex Allen and Reati from outside for the 0-5. Nikolic and Rogic strike in transition, then Baldi Rossi stamps from the arc for the equalizer (7-7). Allen again in penetration, but Bucarelli and Nikolic overtake (11-9). At this point, Acqua S.Bernardo decides to accelerate and raise its voice: break of 17-2 for the hosts (28-11). In the first period Cantù is an almost perfect machine from long range: 8/14 on target, four of which by Baldi Rossi. Severini also stamps from outside: 34-13 in the 10th minute. Nikolic also did well with nine points on the scoresheet and four rebounds. Cremona is stunned and Cantù also giants in rebounds: 14-6.

The music doesn’t change in the second quarter with the Canturini who continue to hammer in speed and JuVi not received (no less than nine turnovers in the first half). Devastating impact from Severini with two more triples and a basket. Terrible Cremona shooting: 11/23 from two, 1/7 from three and 1/4 with free throws. Partial of 23-13 for the Brianzas who go into the interval on 57-26. At 20′ Cantù already has three players in double figures: Nikolic (15), Baldi Rossi (12) and Severini (11).

Crimes opens the third period from outside, then comes a new 13-0 break for the biancoblù (70-29). In the chair Hunt who dominates under the basket and Severini who puts his fourth triple. Allen, caught for 40′ by the home crowd, moves the Cremona scoreboard from the line (72-34 in the 28th minute). For Nikolic 17 points on 30′ with 7/8 from two. At 30′ it’s 80-38 for Cantù.

The fourth fraction is pure academy for coach Sacchetti’s men, which gives ample space for rotations. Partial in favor of the guests (10-17), with Cantù winning 90-55 (

Cantù-Cremona, the match report

Water S.Bernardo Basketball Cantù: Rogic 7, Bucarelli 4, Nikolic 21, Baldi Rossi 16, Hunt 8; Stefanelli 7, Da Ros 8, Severini 14, Berdini 5, Borsani, Brembilla. Ne.: Pines. All.: Bags

Ferraroni Group JuVi Cremona: Allen 7, Vincini 11, Hake 14, Crimes 8, Boglio 3; Giulietti 5, Milovanovic 7, Boni. Ne: Fanti, Iannuzzi. All.: Crotti

Partial: 34-13, 23-13, 23-12, 10-17.

Referees: Yang Yao, Centonza, Attard.



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