Rudy Gobert, his cash response to criticism!

With the Minnesota Timberwolves struggling, Rudy Gobert is at the center of all attention. Due to the XXL price paid by the Wolves last summer to recover him from the Utah Jazz, the interior must deal with enormous pressure around him.

Even before his debut in his new colors, the Frenchman had to deal with a lot of criticism. For many observers, Minnesota overpaid him. And fans on social media regularly targeted him. Especially on this very mixed start to the season.

But for his part, Gobert remains straight in his boots.

“The average fan may not understand what I bring, but the leaders of this League do. A lot of people celebrate my failures. It’s like a mark of respect for me to have people who are just waiting for a mistake or defeat of my team.

So they get really, really loud. And when my teams are doing well, it’s calm again. I accepted this outside noise which came with all our successes in Utah and during the last years of my career”, relativized Rudy Gobert for the NY Times.

Even in a less prosperous period, Rudy Gobert remains confident. It’s up to him to find his place with Wolves to really start the machine. Because indeed, his detractors will be calmer if he finds his impact.

Rudy Gobert, a big confidence problem at Wolves?


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