“Parejas does not give margin for error”

Peio Etxeberria stretches to try to catch a ball. / josé mari lopez

After losing in the first three games, Peio Etxeberria believes that “it is more important not to make mistakes and score fewer goals”

His first Couples Championship has not started well for Peio Etxeberria. Together with Rezusta, he has closed the first three days without knowing the victory and has already verified that a competition of these characteristics “requires you to be well every week and not allow yourself a margin for error.” At the moment he is not worried because he prefers to think “positive”, and he is aware that if he manages to get along with the Bergara defender, things will change. Despite the defeats, his feelings are not bad, but they need a quick reaction to take the measure of the tournament.

The first two games they missed by the minimum (22-20 and 22-21), which did not help them either and the blow was important. But he already has the diagnosis of what happened so he can apply the treatment. “I’m sinning a little hasty when it comes to wanting to score the goal.” The desire can. That momentum led him to get thirteen, but fail nine, “so you have to reduce the number of errors. In a competition like this, it is more important not to fail so much and to do less ».

In the last match they fell to ten against Elordi and Zabaleta, leaders of the championship. In that game he had an example of how another newcomer like Mallabia’s acted together with a fellow striker like his. «He is playing his role very well because he gives the role to the bodyguard and it is costing me a little more. But I think that with the accumulation of games we will achieve that coupling.

Change of scenery

Until the start of the Couples, the matches that the Navarrese and the Gipuzkoan had played together were counted as being on different rungs of the ladder, so they need time. “We are very comfortable, but we need to add,” he sums up. The one from Bergara is the one who has to wear the stripes of the combination due to his seniority and experience and is dedicated so that his partner settles as soon as possible. “We are close. Two games narrowly escaped us, so we’re not doing things too badly either, and our rivals are also playing. But the results are what matter.”

They train together on the fronton despite the distance that separates them, and they try to spend as much time as possible together “because that allows the couple to settle down.” The first few weeks are getting long. “You are always with that little anxiety that you have to get the point. If we win, they will surely be more enjoyable and shorter ».

On Monday they have a new opportunity. It’s the good thing about Couples. Every week there is a chance to renew the illusion. In principle, the clash against Laso and Imaz was going to be played at the Bizkaia fronton on Sunday, but for technical reasons related to the installation, the clash has been delayed one day and will be played in Tolosa, where today they have chosen the material. We have a difficult game with last year’s runners-up, but we know that if we do things right we can win it.” Positive thinking.


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