OTC wants to continue making history in the Final Four of the South American League

OTC continues to be unstoppable and made history again by being among the top four teams in the South American League organized by FIBA. El Celeste, from a great moment in the National League as well, agreed to the Final Four after winning their two commitments against San Martín and Boca, respectively.

In this sense, Fabio Demti, OTC coach, spoke with Misiones Online and referred to the good moment that the Obereño team is going through.

“We are happy with the results achieved. We know that it is another part of the tournament, that it is the semifinal and we are going to try to do our best to reach the final of the competition”, commented Demti, who was analyzing one of Celeste’s possible rivals.

“We are going to train tomorrow. Today some physical work was done with the players and we are going to get fully involved in what will be the game on Saturday ”, he indicated.

On the other hand, he analyzed OTC’s present in terms of results, and highlighted the record it has in the National League (7-3), which translates into 70% victories.

“In the South American League we have qualified for the Final Four, which seems to me to be an unbeatable result, but I also think that we can continue to improve our game.

Regarding the present of the team, Demti pointed out that it is due “fundamentally to a work process, where the club has an ambitious leadership, which gives us everything we need to be able to work the way we want, and which we have achieved a good squad.”

“We are very calm, doing a good job every day, progressing and thinking about how we can continue.”

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Lastly, he highlighted the unity of the group that was formed for the 2022/2023 campaign: “it was a bit of starting over, but we were able to make a good transfer market, a good choice.”

“It was difficult for us to renew players, but we have put together a good squad, the team is good, there is a lot of unity, a very good willingness to work, day to day and all that helps,” he highlighted.

“We are on the right path and the truth is that we have made a leap in quality, including in the game in recent games, beyond the fact that we always had some good things, there were many things to improve,” he completed.

OTC’s next presentation will be next Saturday at 6:30 p.m., again against San Martín de Corrientes, who defeated Unifacisa from Brazil 88-84, for the first date of the Final Four of the South American League



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