NBA: Kyrie Irving ‘for time’ to win in Toronto on the buzzer

Kyrie Irving is one of those players who, since his arrival in the NBA, changed everything. The best handling of the ball since Allen Iverson, an ability to look for the exquisite annotation and a sense of the ‘clutch’ in the final minutes. An Irving that used to, but disappeared in the season. The Irving who focused the spotlight is the crazy one, with no sense of the team or the weight of his facts. A star on the way to the abyss of the NBA.

But Irving is talent and imagination. And he is capable of changing everything. More to some Nets that are not the paradigm of an ordered team and aware of its virtues and limitations. And when they grow older, Irving appeared. In a complex field, the Scotiabank of Toronto. In the last seconds, when the ‘ball burns‘ and the players appear to win games.

Irving received on the perimeter and despite being perfectly guarded by Fred Van Vleet he left a house trademark finish. acceleration to one side, Van Vleet slipped and changed hands with the ‘crossover’ out. Triple only. Within. ecstasy. The Nets win 116-119 in Toronto and show that they are hungry for big things. They are already fourth, just two victories (18-12) behind some Milwaukee Bucks who seemed to belong to another dimension of the NBA.

With Steve Nash, his journey was 2-5 as a balance, being the worst defense and the number 14 attack in the NBA. With Vaughn, the team is among the best in the league in all aspects. 16-7 as a record, 8 best attack and 6 best defense. The coach also confessed that the final play was designed for Durant, but ‘KD’ explained that they would probably hook him in defense, whereupon Irving appeared. Between the two, recital. 28 for Durant and 32 for Irving.

On the positive, the Raptors had a very leading Juancho Hernangmez. He played almost the entire game, 41 minutes, with 8 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist. His fourth title, in a team that suffers a short rotation. Only eight players participated against the Nets.



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