NBA: eleven players sanctioned after a big altercation during the duel between the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic (video)

The incident happened before half-time and almost turned into a brawl.

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O11 players were sanctioned by the NBA on Thursday after an altercation that occurred the day before during the meeting between the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic (121-101), including French leader Killian Hayes, who was suspended for three games. .

The incident occurred before halftime, as Orlando inside Moe Wagner and Hayes battled for the ball along the sideline: the former sent the Detroit point guard waltzing off the court, who is avenged by striking a blow behind the head to his opponent, obviously groggy. Meanwhile, Hamidou Diallo, of the Pistons, came to the rescue of his French teammate, as did many Orlando players.

Suspended for three games, Killian Hayes will miss trips to Chicago (Friday), Minnesota (Saturday) and Portland (Monday). Hamidou Diallo (1 game) will also be suspended against the Bulls on Friday.

On the Magic side, Moe Wagner was sentenced to two games, and eight other Orlando players to a suspension game, a measure which will be spread over time so that the Florida franchise has a sufficient quota of players available at each encounter.


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