Murcia shooting | A teacher tried to prevent the kidnapping of the sister of the entrenched Murcia

The man who barricaded himself in a house in Cañada Hermosa with his sister had kidnaped before at gunpoint in Molina of Safe. A witness of the kidnapping tried to curb to the individual and it is almost run over by him with his car, when escaping, as indicated by police sources.

He tried to run over the woman who went to help the victim with his car and after that he fled to Cañada Hermosa

With this event, around six o’clock in the afternoon on the day of the Lottery, the critical incident that mobilized a hundred members of the National Policeincluding the GEOin the Murcian population of beautiful glenwhere the man, of 46 years and named Eduardo, he locked himself in with his relative and an arsenal of firearms and even shot at the agents and wounded one of them.

The person who tried to stop the suspect from putting his sister in the trunk of the car is judo teacher of the victim’s son, an 8-year-old boy of age who also witnessed his uncle put his mother in the trunk at gunpoint.

In a video captured by another witness with his mobile phone, a recording that is in the possession of the Police, it is seen how Eduardo violently introduces his relative into his car, a white Golf. At that moment, a person appears on the scene, the teacher, who comes to open the trunk to try to rescue the victim.

When the teacher tries to get the 41-year-old woman out, the suspect, who is behind the wheel of his vehicle, starts and tries to take the witness ahead. Fortunately, he doesn’t make it. The man left at full speed, and the little boy stayed with his teacher. Witnesses quickly turned to the Molina Police of Safe.

Police deployment by the man entrenched in Murcia with his sister as a hostage. JUAN CARLOS CAVAL

The agents who appeared at the scene of the event, the urbanization Altorrealinterviewed those present and the protocol for cases of kidnapping. The judicial authority was informed: priority, locate the white Golf.

A rental bunker

The car was found parked in a Canada Hermosa farmin the municipality of Murcia, where the suspect had rented a property that, as it turned out later, had become a bunker full of firearms and ammunition.

The National Police deployed a hundred professionals belonging to GOES (Special Security Operations Group) of Valencia, the GEO (Special Operations Group, the elite unit), the Scientific Police, the Judicial policeCitizen Security units, UPR (Prevention and Reaction Unit) and the tédaxin addition to mobilizing the negotiator of the body.

To the psychiatric module

According to TSJ sources, the precautionary measure of provisional detention is, at this time, “the only one applicable to the number of criminal acts“. Judge Castillejos, in his resolution, lists them: kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, attempted homicide, injuries (without ruling out attempted homicide) to the agents, damage to the home and vehicles or violation of the prohibition on possession of weapons.

In turn, it indicates that the detainee “although his will seems to have been altered”, nevertheless he is “able to act effectively and enormous danger“That’s why the judge on duty sent him to the psychiatric module of the prison. The forensics will say if it’s unimputable o no.



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