Míchel gives the go-ahead to Ureña del Girona’s exit

The cession of Óscar Ureña is the most advanced operation that has the Real Zaragoza at this time and there are two weeks left until the winter market opens. Right now, as reported The Aragon Newspaperfrom the same editorial group of Girona newspaper, is a feasible option. The Girona winger will leave safely in January, since Míchel Sánchez has given the go-ahead to a transfer that he did not authorize in the summer, when Zaragoza, among other teams, was already interested in this loan. The player’s environment, which knows the Aragonese club’s bet on him for weeks, sees with good eyes the option of arriving at Romareda now in the winter market. It has other possibilities in the silver category, but the favorite for the winger is Zaragoza, which has the operation underway.

Ureña is an operation initiated by Zaragoza, showing their interest in the transfer to Girona and the footballer, at the end of October. In terms of player profile, a right winger who can play on the left side and who has one against one and overflows, fits perfectly in the search of the Aragonese team.

Ureña also fits the financial terms of the operation, as his fee, after renewing in February until 2025, is one of the lowest in Girona’s squad. Michel, who gave him his debut in Segona, has already given his go-ahead to this start because in these months, until the stoppage for the World Cup, Ureña has played very little with the competition of players like Toni Villa, Manu Vallejo, Rodrigo Riquelme , Samu Saiz or Valery.

The Catalan footballer, of Dominican origin, was last summer also on the agenda of Andorra and Oviedo and waited until the end for his transfer, but Girona decided to stay in the staff, because Míchel trusts him a lot. However, he played in two of the first three league games, against Valencia and Celta, although he only started against the Galician team and then, with a sprained ankle that kept him out for two weeks, he has only had minutes against Real Sociedad and in the Cup against Quintanar del Rey. Of the last seven matches before the stoppage, he was not called up in five.



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