Massive participation in the Provincial Championship held in Isla Cristina

The El Batel municipal sports center in Isla Cristina hosted the Indoor Archery Provincial Championship, organized by the La Flecha Isleña Sports Club, with the invaluable help of the Assyrian Archery Club and the Isla Cristina City Council. In this edition a high participation has been achieved, the not inconsiderable figure of 160 archers. Such a number of registrations is a stimulus for archery in Huelva, which year after year sees how the interest in this sport is growingstrengthening the line of work to give continuity to this sports discipline in our province.

We must highlight the work that Club Deportivo La Flecha Isleña has been doing for five years now. The island club, in such a short space of time, has managed to bring more than 50 goalkeepers to this championship; very few clubs in Spain are capable of contributing so many athletes to a test. Proof of the good work they have been doing are the podiums achieved in this Provincial, a good reward that will surely serve as a boost to continue growing in this sport.

During December 17 and 18, the archers have played an interesting competition, in which the participants have managed to enjoy a magnificent day of sportsmanship and fun with big trademark.

winners list in the different categories:

  • Male squirrel recurve: Angel Garrido Sorribas. (Assyrian Club)
  • female recurve sling: Emma Marquez Romero. (Assyrian Club)
  • Recurve Benjamin male: Jonathan Guillen Villar. (The Island Arrow)
  • Recurve Benjamin female: Carla Maria Ferrera Rubio. (Assyrian Club)
  • Recurve Alevín male: Alvaro Tomé Romero. (The Island Arrow)
  • Recurve Alevín female: Eleonore Gutierrez Demassez. (Assyrian Club)
  • Men’s Children’s Recurve: Javier Ortega Fernandez. (The Island Arrow)
  • Women’s Children’s Recurve: Sandra Perez Cumbreras. (Assyrian Club)
  • Male Cadet recurve: Daniel Pichardo Rivas. (Assyrian Club)
  • Female Cadet recurve: Leticia Romero Abrio. (Assyrian Club)
  • Women’s Junior Recurve: Judit Jiménez Llanes (Club Asirio)
  • Long Bow Senior masculino: Jose Villar Sousa. (The Island Arrow)
  • Traditional Senior Female: Luisa Danuta Marin. (The Island Arrow)
  • Traditional Senior male: Manuel Rodriguez Dominguez. (Assyrian Club)
  • Traditional Veteran male.: Juan Carlos Martin Santos (The Island Arrow)
  • Traditional Female Veteran: Deolinda Gomez Alda. (Assyrian Club)
  • Senior Male Nude: Juan Ortega Redondo (The Island Arrow)
  • Women’s Senior Standard: Sol Gomez Ponce. (Assyrian Club)
  • Men’s Senior Standard: Manuel Marin Baptist. (Assyrian Club)
  • Men’s Veteran Standard: Manuel Jesus Nunez Fair. (Assyrian Club)
  • Women’s Senior Compound: Rocio Ortiz Romero (Club Asirio)
  • Men’s Senior Composite: Miguel Angel Medina Orta. (Assyrian Club)
  • Men’s Veteran Composite: Rafael Vázquez Llaga (The Island Arrow)
  • Women’s Senior Recurve: Rocio González Lozano. (Assyrian Club)
  • Senior men’s recurve: Agustin Rodriguez Gutierrez. (Assyrian Club)

The next appointment for the archers of Huelva it will be the Andalusian Indoor Archery Championship, which will be held on January 14 and 15, 2023 in Vícar (Almería).


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