In the purest Cervera style

Oviedo won a derby again, something to which they have become accustomed since their return to professional football after the years of hell. And he did it in the purest style of his coach, Álvaro Cervera: maximum concentration on defensive tasks to give the opposing team the fewest chances to score and then take advantage of one of the not many chances to score that the team can generate. Perhaps in the future there will be more creative play on the part of the blues, but the truth is that so far with Cervera destruction shines more than construction. But it is not going badly: Oviedo has managed to straighten the course and become a reliable team, in which each piece knows what their job is and in which there is no room for relaxation.

The carbayones won the game by converting a clear penalty committed by the Argentine Izquierdoz on Koba, who had entered the field of play only minutes before after several weeks of absence due to injury. The maximum penalty was converted by Borja Bastón. Perfect execution, without any chance for the visiting meta. They were what the blues were looking for to continue carrying out their plans. Putting things like this, the biggest problems for those from Cervera could come from strategic plays, as it was, although everything was certainly threatened.

The first half began with Sporting very involved in the game, with constant anticipation from its players in the face of a certain unease from those from Oviedo, perhaps too responsible. The people from Gijón controlled the game with some ease during the first twenty minutes, during which time they approached Braat’s goal with some danger. Thus, for example, when Jony hadn’t even been playing for a minute, he was about to reach a ball centered from the right. Then, in the 4th minute, Jony himself headed a good ball from Otero too focused; in minute 8 Djuka headed and saved the goalkeeper Carbayón and in minute 15 a strong shot from Cote stopped it without major complications Braat, very safe all night. In all this time there was not a single approach from Oviedo to Cuéllar’s goal.

But there it can be said that Sporting’s offensive impetus ended. Oviedo woke up and began to play what their coach wanted, what they always want. Yes, the ball can be held by the opponent, but for what? That is the important thing: he can have the ball, but without creating danger. That is what happened to Abelardo’s team for most of the time last night’s match at the Tartiere, as soon as the blues greased their football machinery.

Oviedo is a very supportive team. Yesterday it became clear, especially in his midfield, that as soon as he got together he left no loopholes for the people of Gijón at almost no time. Jimmy and Luismi once again put on a great game, with the collaboration of course from Viti and Hugo Rama and, of course!, Borja Bastón and Enrich, first, and then also Koba and Borja Sánchez. Behind, no facilities, but the work up and down by Lucas and Bretones was commendable, as was the forcefulness of Calvo and Tarín. Does this mean that Oviedo entertained their fans? Probably not, that’s not what Cervera was looking for. It was a derby. Winning prevailed. But it wouldn’t be bad at all if, as the games go on, the Oviedistas, in addition to winning, make their fans enjoy their game a bit.


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