In the middle of beef Maes / Booba, Victor Wembanyama reveals his favorite French rapper!

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For music enthusiasts, December now equates to the release of “Spotify Wrapped,” the personalized summary of the past 12 months for each platform user. Victor Wembanyama has also shared his on social networks.

The years pass, but Booba is still passionate about clashes with other French rappers. At the beginning of the decade 2010′, he fought for example with La Fouine in a gym in Miami. Years later, he came to blows with Kaaris in the hall of Orly airport… And at the moment, he is after Maes, with several provocative messages on social networks.

The latter is also not asked to answer, which prompted the Duke to take his plane tickets to the Paris region to fight it out once and for all. It’s hard to know how this affair will end, but fans are rather entertained by this soap opera which comes to close 2022 “in style” in the world of music.

Victor Wembanyama affiche son Spotify Wrapped

Speaking of the end of the year approaching, there is a tradition that music lovers are now looking forward to, it is the publication of “Spotify Wrapped”, the personalized summary of the last 12 months for each user of the platform. Victor Wembanyama has also shared his on social networks, the opportunity to discover his favorite artist. He obviously likes French rap a lot!

Victor Wembanyama is clearly one of the biggest French fans of Freeze Corleone, since he is one of the 0.1% who have listened to the artist the most over the past year. And when we know that the average is around 1,000 or 2,000 minutes in this category, we realize how much the pivot loves the star of the 667 collective. he has in the AirPods when arriving at the venue for his matches.

Victor Wembanyama is a French rap lover and his favorite artist is Freeze Corleonestar of the 667 collective. His sounds could quickly be found in all NBA halls, since the pivot will undoubtedly have a say in the warm-up playlists!



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