“Go and close it, short cut we won it”

The Argentine National Team y France draw 3-3 in the final of the world from Qatar 2022, after an extra time not suitable for the faint of heart. The Back Martínez He has just covered a tremendous one-on-one against Randal Kolo Muani at the end and the penalties are coming. Before the executions from the twelve steps, a review of the European kickers is made. Martin Tocallithe Albiceleste goalkeeping coach, meets with the Argentine goalkeeper and tells him: “Go and close it, short cut we won it“. After the order, the 30-year-old from Mar del Plata stands under the three sticks and does his show. The end of this story is already known.

This is one of the many sequences that happened during the World Cup final that is only now coming to light. In dialogue with the radio program Things as they areissued by FM 89.9 Radio with yourthe person in charge of training the Albiceleste goalkeepers since 2017 explained about the confidence of Aston Villa’s 1: “He was very convinced, he always feels like a winnerhe feels that he can do it well, I think that is part of what helps him to end up having that performance. Confidence is key, especially in the goalkeeper“.

Emiliano Martínez and another consecratory night, this time in the World Cup final. Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach.

Martín is the son of Hugo Tocalli, former technical director of Argentina’s youth divisions and also a former assistant to José Pekerman’s coaching staff. A passion that he carries in his blood. In the interview, he reviewed the previous moments before the penalties against France: “At that moment we first talked about the issue of the kickers, who were left on the field quickly to review, and then I told him (to Emiliano Martínez) what I felt that It was quiet, it’s your moment, cerralo, I trust you, cerralo, it will be fine“, said.

Lionel Scaloni and Martín Tocalli finalize details in a training session for the National Team.
Lionel Scaloni and Martín Tocalli finalize details in a training session for the National Team.

And he added: “We had already talked about the fact that they did not have penalties that we have seen, like Coman, then I think there was not much more to say, I really felt calm and confident in him, so I told him go and close it, as if to say go and save that we won it”.

Tocalli, who has also been the coordinator of the AFA goalkeeper department since 2020, is only now “falling into reality” and trying to “enjoy a little”. Just 6 days have passed since the consecration and the emotion is still intact.

“Emotions end up being, for the players and for us, totally decisive,” explained the goalkeeping coach. And, about the millions of Argentines who took to the streets to celebrate, he added: “They told us about what was going on here in the country but we were so focused on what was ours that logically only when we arrived, when we were on the bus and saw people, we really took dimension of what Argentina was at that time”.

Dibu Martínez saves a penalty from Kingsley Coman, the second of the shootout.  Photo: EFE.
Dibu Martínez saves a penalty from Kingsley Coman, the second of the shootout. Photo: EFE.

In the bunker of the Argentine National Team, at the University of Qatar, there was little time to celebrate after each victory: “We were very focused on what our job was, we could celebrate for 2 or 3 hours what a phase pass was and then we were already thinking about the next rival. We all had to be on top of that situation, as at the time the players on the field have to be above emotions, that’s what makes the difference”.

Martín Tocalli, who began as part of Jorge Sampaoli’s work team, but once Lionel Scaloni took the reins he continued in his position, told in the radio interview how his first meeting with the 1st team was: “Emi loved it I know from 2011, I worked here in the National Team that year too, we went on a trip to Nigeria before the Cup, Oscar Ustari was injured right there in Nigeria and Emi had played in the U17 World Cup, a Nigerian visa was required at that time. moment”.

“Oscar broke down the afternoon before the game, Emiliano could save us, he traveled because at that time he was in Mar del Plata on vacation. That was the first contact. From there, I as a soccer fan and more of the goalkeepers “I followed him, I always followed him throughout his career. We have several names always following him and when one believes that this goalkeeper is at the level to be closer to us, we have to mention him, with Emiliano that happened,” he assured.

The cover that was worth a world title.  Photo: Reuters.
The cover that was worth a world title. Photo: Reuters.

And, about the personality of the man from Mar del Plata, he stated: “Emi first is a beautiful person, very good peopleIt’s easy to work with him because he wants to grow day by day, because he wants to be better and he makes it easy for you. We explained to him what I want, that we have to give everything, I think he felt identified with our work, with everything we explained to him and from that first meeting he knew he had to earn a place”.

“And time marked that we made that decision that he start playing at the time on his own merit, not because of Armani’s covid at the time as they say, he earned it because he came with a very high level at Arsenal and we believed that it was Emiliano’s moment”.

Working with him is easy, he makes it easy every day because he has a good vibe, Emiliano is what you see, he doesn’t hide anything, it’s him, you can like it or not. There are people who may like that shape more or less, but Emiliano shows himself as he is,” she added.

Even after the unexpected initial defeat against Saudi Arabia, the climate behind the scenes was always positive at group level: “There was always a good climate throughout the World Cup. After the game with Arabia, the reaction the next day was calm, confident“, he clarified.

Dibu Martínez, Martín Tocalli, Franco Armani, Gerónimo Rulli, Gomes Gerth and Mauro Dobler.  Photo: Instagram.
Dibu Martínez, Martín Tocalli, Franco Armani, Gerónimo Rulli, Gomes Gerth and Mauro Dobler. Photo: Instagram.

“It seems to me that this was a display of character, a display of pride in knowing that you had to win every game with that pressure, with what everything means in Argentina, what Leo’s World Cup was. A thousand things that were in that backpack that they knew how to carry and it seems to me that from then on we were having day after day the peace of mind that things could work out, without being sure because this is basically football and anything can happen. The group and the coach to me It gave us confidence that we could write a beautiful story,” he stressed.

When asked about Aimar’s expression, who after the 1-0 loss against Mexico lost his temper and gave himself up to emotion, he said: “He expressed at that moment everything that came after him, the match with Arabia, what we were playing, he expressed it in that cry, in that face that was seen.

And he pointed out: “The pressure exists, the emotions exist, generally one has to control those emotions because it is what ends up being decisive for our actions and the actions of the players, but logically there Pablo had that expression that was what we all felt only that he did it with a few tears but the joy was there”.

On Lionel Messi’s leadership, Martín Tocalli pointed out: “Both the coaching staff and I like Messi’s leadership, I like the forms, I liked Maradona’s too but Messi gives you peace of mind, he gives you security, a lot of sensations that to us within the group gives us that way that he has to lead. He is a natural leader Messi, a Messi who did very, very well to the group and the coaching staff, not only his presence but his way of handling himself that also gives him confidence and tranquility. Messi captain enjoyed it, at least since I returned to the National Team these years I was able to enjoy this Messi captain, leader and it is no coincidence that everything that happened has happened”.

Dibu Martínez and Martín Tocalli, in action.  Photo: Instagram.
Dibu Martínez and Martín Tocalli, in action. Photo: Instagram.

The Albiceleste goalkeeping coach considers the Back as the best on the planet: “The number 1 in the world is Emiliano, he showed it, he did a great World Cup, he is naturally on the podium. Afterwards it’s difficult, I think Lloris could also be on the podium, it’s no coincidence that in 2 World Cups, 2 finals, he maintains good performances, great games with few mistakes. Between Emiliano and Lloris are the best goalkeepers in the World Cup,” he argued.

“I like Bono’s style, I think he is one of the most complete savers. In the case of the Croatian goalkeeper, he has been decisive in penalties, he has saved good balls,” Tocalli said.

And, about the world champion goalkeeper, he emphasized: “I don’t see in Emi a style that resembles any other Argentine goalkeeper, it seems to me that he has a good imprint of him, technically good, things that he has that perhaps other goalkeepers in the They didn’t have it in recent years and he perhaps doesn’t have some characteristic that others have had”.

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