Girona, a winning team

There is no stopping this League, especially now that it has started again, having overcome the bracket of the World Cup. But always, whatever the circumstances and the context, the turn of the year invites a little pause. A reflection Look back, analyze. Girona leaves a positive 2022, because of what has lived there. Successes take precedence over disappointments. There have also been bad moments, but the consequence of the good ones have caused more echo. Especially the promotion, the return to Primera, celebrated last June. There is always work to do. Way to go. However, the balance so far of these last twelve months is favorable. More victories, more joys, than beatings. While hoping that 2023 will be, at least, the year of permanence. The big goal, the priority, of a club that wants to consolidate its first team in the elite at the same time as it works hard to turn the base into a reference.

This past Thursday, an electric 2-2 against Rayo Vallecano explains the last of the 41 official matches that Girona has played, between League and also Copa del Rey, since the beginning of January until now. It’s a little less than half a hundred encounters. 18 have been won, more than a third of the total. There are 9 draws, while the defeats climb to 14. Of all the triumphs, the most celebrated, without any doubt, was the one achieved on June 19 in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in Tenerife. The goals of Cristhian Stuani, José León in his own goal and Arnau Martínez staged a 1-3, enough for the doors of the First Division to open again.

Girona of 2022 is a winning team. Also scorer. During 41 games he has seen the goal up to 59 times. He has conceded fewer goals: 45. It is in this chapter that the usual proper name appears. Almost every year. Cristhian Stuani has become the top scorer of the year in the white-and-red shirt. Over the last twelve months he has scored 14 goals. A dozen of them, still in the Second Division and the rest, already in the First. It could have been one more if Thursday’s referee, Figueroa Vázquez, had not disallowed the goal against Rayo that could have made it 3-2. Whether or not he’s talking conditional, Stuani is always there, no matter how much time passes, and the numbers reflect that.

The joys do not hide, this is also true, some disappointment. Or those subjects that will need to be passed in the coming months. The year speaks of a winning Girona, but also of a team that concedes goals too easily, especially in this last stretch. Also, from a team that shone in the penultimate edition of the Cup (it fell precisely against Rayo, then a category above), but that this year skated, and in a sly way, in the field of a Cacereño who competes in the Second Federation. Details, anecdotes, results, stories. All in all, what has been experienced during 2022. A year marked by success, yes. And in Montilivi, they want to give it continuity.



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