Frank Peterkenne tackles TF1 live from Costa Rica – Germany on RTBF

Remember this Wednesday at the end of the afternoon. TF1 returned to the air before the end of the Tunisia-France meeting of the World Cup, thinking that the referee had whistled the end of the match with the score of 1-1 while the French equalizer from Antoine Griezmann was finally canceled for an offside after viewing the VAR, while advertisements were shown on the French private channel.

“We were convinced that it was over, everyone was going back to the locker room, and then it turned, this end of the match, into this”, explained TF1 journalist Grégoire Margotton when he resumed broadcasting. .

This Thursday, when Costa Rica – Germany was coming to an end on the front page, Frank Peterkenne allowed himself a small tackle against his French colleagues when we were playing the last seconds of the match and he had to go on air after ten minutes of added time. “Let’s not go on air before the end…”, he innocently blurted out.

A well-felt nod that may have made many sad Belgian viewers smile this evening.


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