First setback in the Women’s League for Bourges Basket, beaten in Villeneuve-d’Ascq

The eye of the special envoy

Not for a second did Bourges Basket lead this Saturday evening at the Palacium. And not for a second, as the match progressed, it was possible to imagine the Tango winning in the North. The TBB conceded, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, its first league defeat of the season (71-55).

A logical setback as Olivier Lafargue’s players struggled offensively. As proof, at half-time, Bourges had scored only 21 points, far from his usual standards. At 24% shooting (7 of 29). However, with its defense which took four minutes to get in (11-2, 4th), the TBB was still in ambush halfway through (31-21).

But the ailments remained the same after the break. An address at half mast (31% in the end, and 2 out of 15 at three points), a bench that weighs less than usual, and Northerners who effectively take advantage of the losses of berruyères balls (see below). Result, in the middle of the third quarter, after including two award-winning baskets from Kennedy Burke, the ESBVA had a 19-point lead (43-24, 26th). The Tangos were trying to come back, but it was clearly a day off.

The player

Eight months after his serious knee injury contracted during the Eurocup final against Venice, Alix Duchet made his return to competition, this Saturday evening, on the Villeneuve-d’Ascq floor. If she brought her gnaque in defense, the leader of Bourges Basket did not have much opportunity to showcase herself offensively while she was on the field, with only one shot attempted (and missed) in 7 ’16.Back to competition for Alix Duchet.

The number

26, the number of points scored by Villeneuve-d’Ascq following the (numerous) ball losses of Bourges Basket (18 in all). That’s almost half of Berruyères’ total points.

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The sheet

ESB Villeneuve-d’Ascq – Tango Bourges Basket: 71-55.

Quarts-temps: 13-8, 18-13 (mi-temps: 31-21), 17-9, 23-25.

Villeneuve d’Ascq. Smalls 8, Heriaud (cap.) 13, Djekoundade 4, Hirsch 4, Cisse 0, Blein 0, Diaby 8, Ben Abdelkader 4, Burke 23, Diallo 0, Salaun 7. Coach: Rachid Meziane, assisted by Antonio De Barros Araujo . . . .

Bourges. Anderson 14, Steinberga 11, Bankolé 12, Abdi 0, Michel 1, Astier 0, Guapo 0, Godin (cap.) 7, Duchet 0, Alexander 10. Coach: Olivier Lafargue, assisted by Jérôme Authier and Virgile Abel.



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